Established in 1962, Ken Porter Auctions is one of the oldest vehicle auction companies in California. Ken Porter pioneered public agency disposal sales with the first ever exclusive auction of vehicles for the County of Ventura in March of 1963. The County of Ventura continues to be a customer of KPA to this day as well as dozens of other public and private agencies.Since those early years Ken Porter has grown to selling more than 500 cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans, RVs, boats, and all sorts of heavy equipment and machinery each month. In addition KPA conducts off-site auctions for many government agencies as well as private industry and hosts regular “miscellaneous” surplus sales of useful and interesting items. Our regular twice monthly sales, attended by both the public and dealers, have been consistently successful and rewarding to all participants.


9400 Galena St, Riverside, CA 92509

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